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Top Brain Hacks to Learn Faster and Remember MORE - INFOGRAPHIC

As a student, you get many assignments. Perhaps, you often wonder how to study fast in less time. The experience of previous generations of students illustrates different techniques to learn better and quicker.



How to Study Fast in Less Time: Study Hacks

  1. Brain stimulating activities which you can use to improve the learning process.
  2. Body care routines that improve your well-being and sets you up for studying.

To enhance your brain performance, use the following tips:

  • Before studying, “wake up” your brain and “switch it on” to the mode of information processing.
  • Plan your learning sessions. Write down all the assignments to complete.
  • Diversify your study routine with various techniques. For example, when doing your homework on History, take notes of textbook sections and watch a related documentary;
  • Practice is important. Try to apply your newly-acquired knowledge where possible.
    Don’t multitask. People can only focus on one thing at a time. When you try to prepare a presentation and come up with the conclusion to your essay, you end up switching between the activities, not doing them simultaneously.
  • Perform regular self-evaluation. That will help you discover the gaps in understanding and how to overcome them.
  • Reward yourself for completing challenging assignments. Think of some small rewards to motivate more frequent and productive study sessions.
  • Remember that cramming is not an effective way to learn something.
  • Take breaks to maintain top education performance.
  • Don’t forget to train your brain and exercise your mental muscles.
  • Create visual associations to increase your memorizing capacity.
  • Study different subjects during one session to stay engaged.
  • Tell someone what you’ve just learned. It will strengthen your memory and understanding.
  • Set up a comfortable study environment.
  • Bring more positivity in your learning.
  • Use mnemonics, especially when memorizing lists and sets.

25 Ways to Learn Faster Infographic

infographic on how to learn faster

Taking Good Care of Yourself During Study

The last thing you need when you are studying is to get sick. Take care of your health:

  • Keep fit. Physical exercises increase energy levels and improve cognitive function.
  • Eating healthy is important when studying. Consume more products that contain Omega-3 fatty acids. They are highly concentrated in the brain and are vital for cognitive (memory and performance) function.
  • A few bites of dark chocolate can help faster learning.
    Consider meditation. It is a great focus booster.
  • Stay hydrated. Carry a bottle of water everywhere you go. 85% of our brain tissue is made up from the liquid. Therefore, water is a vital component for the smooth running of your brain.
  • Practice yoga. It can improve memory scores and concentration.
  • Get a new hobby. There is a link between activities such as knitting, making music, or dancing and mental health. Choose brain-training hobbies to keep it active and stimulated.

Now you know how to learn faster. All the techniques and tips presented in the infographic are 100% achievable. Apply them to make your study easier and your academic achievements more outstanding.

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