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Time Banking in the UK

o build strong communities and networks to the public. One last time helps earns about one hour for the Bank (also called time credits, the balance of the benefit, or $ time). Time banking is based on the magic of “Pay It Forward,” in return, is a good idea leading to another and another.

Time banking is formed when individuals or organizations agree to earn and spend hours to meet friends, neighbours and the needs of the larger community. Time banks ranging from small 15-20 members and 2000 or greater; Time banks can get in touch with some also. Each time bank is a unique reflection of its members, who are, for the dreams they have for their community, and what they chose to make and receive


How to earn time credits by doing something for you; No matter what that “something”. In return you earn a time credit in Time bank community. For example, if someone is working for one hour in his garden is similar to one hour of babysitting is similar to one hour of dentistry is similar spending time at home repair is similar to an hour of teaching to play chess. The possibilities are countless for Time banking.

(TimeBanks, 2015): http://timebanks.org/what-is-timebanking/

History of Time Banking

The creation of Time Banking is back to the creation of hours TimeBank ™ in 1980, the idea came to Dr. Edgar S. Cahn; co-founder of the National Program of Legal Services, author of “our brother’s keeper,” and founder of the school Antioch right, He suffered a massive heart attack at age of 46; He was in hospital and sickness “feel useless,” he think about Time Bank hours as a unique and ultimately new currency to problem solution of enormous cuts in government expenditures on social welfare. If he does not have enough money to repair the old problems of our country and our society, Edgar thinks, the new way of making money to pay people the work they have done for themselves and societies? A Time Bank hour is all about the value of contributions everyone on the equal basis. Edgar developed his academic definition of why money should work in another way. He returned to the US and started to put service credits (not yet called TimeBank hours) service. .

In early years since the currency has come a bouncing ride. After the initial enthusiasm by foundations, funds for trade TimeBank time dried up mid-1990s in the era of problems to keep afloat follow. This clash turned out into a time to dig and determine what made the hours of TimeBank Time Banking and unique tools for social change. In 1997, a convention TimeBank hours helped new groups and survivors identify “what works. TimeBank Hours have become the backbone of a cross – age tutoring program peer success in Chicago, a Maine Time Banks Network, and an hour TimeBank Youth Court in Washington, DC Time Banks USA became the center a small exchange network of independent TimeBank across the country.

The deep understanding that has evolved following years towards to unique ways of adopting and talks for hours about TimeBanking as a tool for social change. It is the most important change involved in development of theory of Co -Production described in the book of Edgar, “No More Throw Away People.

UK History

The idea of time banking was developed at the London School of Economics; by Washington law professor Edgar Cahn in 1986, which describes the idea that working as blood bank or babysitting club help a neighbor and then when you need it a neighbor most likely another will help the system based on equality one hour of help means a dollar of time, if the task is groceries or make a statement the tax credits kept in individual accounts in a “bank” on a personal safety. Credits and debits are counted regularly. Some banks offer monthly balance statements recording the flow of strong relation with banks.

Time credits are simply the recognition of the time and efforts put in place. They are not supposed to be reward enough, and experience in the US shows that most are never spent; but they seem to be the kind of recognition that prevents people volunteering much longer than in conventional voluntary schemes. This simplest idea uses a broker at the end of the phone, and allows people to get credit for each hour of time they help in their local community

The result is a equal level economy, using time as a medium of exchange, to put those assets to work forgotten meet forgotten needs, and in so doing make connections between people and rebuild a sense of trust

(New economics 2015) http://www.neweconomics.org/publications/entry/time-banks

Current Situation in UK:

Weather in London banking is developing briskly and would not be as successful as it is without the great relationship between time banks. London network meets on regular basis to boost the interest of brokers and others meets to share their experiences and to help each other. We all are very lucky that we would be able to do this; our charitable donors Bridge City is the one whom we have to thank for providing us the opportunities and resources to do so.

(New Year Update from London article 2015): http://www.timebanking.org/tag/london-2/

Challenges in UK:

Challenge met Time banking in Wales in Cardiff and they show their passion in working together. They have a yacht race around the world 72 feet; they rent it with the discrimination of elderly and young people from 12 to 25 years are rented to increase personal and social skills, such as teamwork, communication, respect for others, responsibility in a positive way can – making environment.

Up to 12 people can participate in this experience together, which usually consists of 10 young people and two leaders of the group. Wales Challenge six crew on board will show you the ropes and give you the opportunity to sail the boat at all.

(Time Banking UK Newsflashes April 2015): http://www.timebanking.org/category/tbuk-newsflashes/

How we implement Time banking In UK

Timebanking UK will establish and appliance a source, free to use the platform to significantly reduce the barriers to entry for the creation, union or local TimeBanks management. Traditionally, the implementation of TimeBanking has been resource intensive, based on a time banking broker match supply and demand in community.

UK Timebanking automates this process, reducing costs and barriers for organizations and individuals to establish and maintain a bank of time. Timebanking UK are built on proven open source software timebanking ‘Weaver Community’ developed by TimeBanks US. This software will also open public; private along with community resources and make it easier to add projects timebanking scale. More importantly, promote the rapid scale by sharing time and skills; helping people to connect with one other to build sustainable communities.

UK Timebanking is the national umbrella; TimeBanks linking and support across the UK, providing inspiration, guidance and practical help charity. It has more than 220 times from member banks and represents more than 20,000 timebankers throughout the UK, generating more than 1 million hours of support per year

UK Timebanking would announce the following time banks that have been awarded by their Quality Mark in appreciation of best practice for:

  • Implementation of operational use of our recommended safeguarding procedures
  • Actively using all 3 models of timebanking
  • Taking part in training and development activities for members and brokers
  • Good governance practices
  • Using coproduction for meaningfully involve members in running and development of time bank
  • Having a long term sustainability plan
  • Good monitoring and evaluation practices
  • Having a comprehensive set of policies and procedures

(Nesta.orh.uk 26MAY 2015, Time banking official website 26MAY 2015): Nesta.orh.uk 26MAY 2015, Time banking official website 26MAY 2015:http://giving.nesta.org.uk/project/timebanking-uk/


How do we encourage participation?

Two years ago Cheryl Hughes was a mother and housewife in Cardiff South Wales; She lacked confidence and was not sure I could achieve family life outside. She also wanted to buy goodies for your loved ones at times, but struggled financially.

When he encountered Credits Timeplace time volunteering scheme, Hughes and his family were involved in the cleanup of the area and helped in community events in return for “time credits” that could be redeemed for holiday trips to the theater and other rewards.

Hughes’s confidence grew and started his own local project, community mothers holding coffee mornings where people can take advantage of time to attend credits, access to a library of books and toys and more.

“Time credits eyes opened more than take care of my children, who of course I love to do,” says Hughes. “I never thought that will I be able to do anything for my dyslexia .To think this all started with garbage – picking”.

From improving mental health to provide a door at work, now accepted wisdom that volunteering can bring many benefits to volunteers and people who are helping. But the rewarding volunteer with anything that has a tangible economic value is direct exchange has regular been controversial.

Many people believe that volunteering should only be done altruistically without direct reward. Many were unhappy last year the time it was implied that volunteers receive a discount of municipal taxes.

However, the rewards and exchanges are increasingly common and community groups and charities who run them feel they are useful, especially for those who are financially less well off.

The currency system -Credits time taken by Cheryl Hughes is in charge of social spice company. The company has a network of local businesses and services involved in each area working in and try to unite communities through its system

Time banking, the best known form for volunteers to gain something in return of their time, it has traditionally had a focus on sharing skills – a person may be charged on credit obtained from an hour of volunteer work for an hour taught how to play guitar, for example.

Weather banker Ian Toplis, Gloucester, said it would be unlikely to volunteer and non-profit and incentives. “I really hate gardening and the main reason is that I can do something for someone and I have done my garden is a great incentive,” says Toplis. “I helped many of the elderly residents during digital conversion. I am out of the opinion that there are many people out there for example like me who have something to offer, but need an external drive and an extra incentive.”Similar systems around the UK include your courage, Smartran Weather Miles rewards, and the Bank of attention. Community volunteer projects and have their way of either rewarding volunteers or exchange something with them. The draft community red brick building in Glastonbury all residents get cheap and event space desk but it offers their time to support local vulnerable people as part of the agreement.

Voluntary schemes can see in action all over the world, too. Reward Volunteers 5.0 in the US and GEM project in South Africa both use mobile applications for volunteers to sign and hours of trade. In Japan, volunteers can deposit hours in order to cash in later life, when they could be less mobile and need help. A two-year evaluation by Spice launched last December found out that 45% of volunteers using time credits had never offered before. “It does attract new volunteers and we need massive volunteer if we are to create local services,” says Becky Booth, chief executive of social enterprise.

“The impact of spending is fantastic,” he adds. “For example, when we hear from people like the man who won credit for a rugby match and for the very first time in a very long time, stood up, shaved and left his shelter homeless during the day, is very encouraging. These they are the kind of results we are seeking. “

Time Banking UK chief executive Sarah Bird believes that such systems are the future of communities and looked at favorably by the commissioners. “We’re getting a lot of interest from local authorities they are interested to talk on time banks. Some have even become centers of volunteer time banking; we have a strong feelings that this is an excellent way to co-produce community services for the future” she says.

(The Guardian 26MAY 2015):http://www.theguardian.com/voluntary-sector-network/community-action-blog/2015/mar/30/time-banking-encouraging-new-volunteers

How do we evaluate effectiveness?

Time banking UK to explain how they work: “Participants” deposit “of his time on the bench giving practical help and supports each other and are able to” withdraw “their time when they need something done by themselves as banks and Time. The value of all the different types of assistance and skills people can offer each other on a bench in time, every individual becomes at same time giver and a receiver time everyone is valued equally. An hour = 1 time credit.

Evaluation of time banks has discovered they offer a number of benefits. The time bank assessment based on green Rushey GP surgery found that seemed to have benefits for the physical and psychological health of participants, although they were aware that it was difficult to link the bank’s participation time directly to their benefits. Time banks look like to be more impressive than the traditional routes of volunteering in attracting socially excluded sectors of population and work well as an instrument for social inclusion. An evaluation of a number of banks Seyfang time (2003) concluded, “By promoting mutual volunteer build trust; social capital, reciprocity and community self-help among people who normally would be passive recipients of external assistance “(2003, p 0.703)

The latest research into the economic benefits of time banksdemonstrates that

“Time banks, they use hours of time instead of pounds as a community currency, cost £450 for each member every year, it can provide savings of more than £1300 per member in the same period. Participants add their own skills, practical help or their personal assets in return for services provided by fellow time bank members.”

Governance international 27 May 2015:http://www.govint.org/our-services/engagement/co-production-tree/timebanking-co-production-tree/

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