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Please, Help Me Write My Essay!

Lily, a bright college student with tons of potential, was sitting in her dorm room panicking about her Research Paper. She only had a few days left before it was due and several other assignments that her brain was in chaos. “Somebody, please, help me write my essay!” were the words coming out of her mouth at such a volume that the neighbors got concerned. After praying to no avail, she called her friend LeQuisha and asked: “Hey, I know your semester is done, so I need to ask you for a favor. Can you do my custom essay for me?” LeQuisha paused for a second, then proceeded to state: “Girl you crazy!”.

After calming down her friend, she mentioned a site by the name of Essay Service. She claimed that she had been using their services since the beginning of the semester and that they were 100% reliable. Though skeptical at first, Lily agreed and visited their well-formatted site. The first thing she did was ask the virtual assistant: “Alex, what should I write my college essay about?” Just like any proper assistant, he asked her about the course she was taking and presented her with 5 unique topics that seemed to grab Lily’s attention. She then thanked Alex and decided to start working on her piece… for about 10 minutes. It was at this point; Lily remembered her Art project was due in 5 hours, and procrastination let her down yet again. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, she realized there was only one thing left to do.

Getting back on the computer after a quick stress-relieving smoke break, she once again got in contact with Alex. With a scent of hopelessness in her typing, she asked him: “Alex, I need someone to write my essay for me.” After hearing his response, a wave of relief and satisfaction came over her as if she was sprinkled with therapeutic powder. He explained to her that they could take care of her research paper requirements, regardless of the time limits. Realizing the greatness of the situation, Lily knew she had to inquire about the price, as it would probably make her purse cry. Little did she know, the next words she would hear would make her happier than a kid in a candy store. After hearing the price, her jaw dropped, and she asked: “Are you serious, it’s only that much!?”. With a smile on his face knowing he had a satisfied customer, Alex responded with: “Sounds too good to be true huh?”

After doing a lap in her apartment while screaming from joy, she got back on the computer and ordered the research essay from Essay Service. They guaranteed its completion within a few days, as well as assuring top tier quality. After the order process had been finished, she started researching their site by looking at reviews and the quality of the site. The pleasure in her face lit up like a fire when she saw all the positive reviews from the writers on the site.

“I needed someone to write my college essay, and after getting in contact with Alex and hiring SmartWriter99, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. A few days later I received an A on my essay, taking me to a state of bliss. The help I got from this company was fantastic. They promise to uphold reliability, punctuality and quality. Let me just say that they stay true to their ethics and I will order from this site again!”

“I was looking for someone to write my essay online, and then I was offered to check out Essay Service. Though I was skeptical at first, talking to their virtual assistant, Alex calmed my nerves because I could tell that he knew what he was doing! After ordering my essay on Renaissance History, there were still some doubtful thoughts floating around. Sure enough, I got my essay two days later and after proofreading it, I knew that Excellent Guy (my writer) had some experience on this topic. After handing it In, I received a 96% on my essay and could not have been happier! Thank you EssayService .com!”

This was all she needed to see, and her nerves started to smoothen out. However, she was still curious about their writers, so she did a little more research. After seeing a 90+% satisfaction rate, things already felt promising. To tie the knot on her concerns, she called LeQuisha and asked her about the essay she ordered. After founding out that her essay was based on Nuclear Reactions, Lily’s brain filled up with endorphins: her essay was on the History of Chemistry. After getting all the help and support from LeQuisha, Alex and the reviews, Lily fell asleep like a baby and had one of the most pleasant dreams of her life.

After a few days had gone by, Lily was coming back from her Psychology Lecture to take a nap before Economics. On her walk home, the phone made a “DING” sound, so as to alert her that she received a notification. After pulling out her phone, a smile formed on her face as she saw the title: History of Chemistry Essay. Coming home from the walk, she opened the email and downloaded the file. After reading the essay, she knew that her money was spent in an ideal way possible. Not only did the essay solidify that she would get an A in chemistry, but some of the content inside helped her learn even more material! Full of joy and confidence, Lily sent the document to her professor and went on with her day.

Approximately 12 hours later, the professor emails her back with: “Wow, this is more from you than I expected. Great Job!” Since that day, Lily only orders essays from EssayService .com, and recommends the site to anybody that yells in public: “Help Me Write My Essay!”.

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