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PESTLE Analysis of UAE

and attached to Islam, which went to the locale in AD 630. It has an open economy with a high for every capita salary and a considerable yearly exchange excess. There are numerous effective endeavors made for financial expansion that have diminished the segment of GDP in light of oil and gas yield to 25%. In less than four decades, the country has changed from a tribal society dependent on horticulture and angling to an entrepreneurial example of overcoming adversity with world-class framework. The administration has enhanced instruction (viably taking out ignorance), propelled social insurance and held onto change as the UAE modernizes, steady with its history and social qualities. The UAE’s vital arrangement for the following couple of years spotlights on expansion and making more open doors for nationals through enhanced instruction and expanded private part business.

The economy performs aggressively in numerous territories of monetary opportunity. Hindrances to exchange are low, and business operations are supported by regulations that bolster open-market arrangements. With a straightforward and positive business atmosphere and a high level of political solidness, the UAE has made a dynamic domain for business visionaries. The United Arab Emirates has progress beyond anyone’s expectations since its freedom and being the world’s fourth biggest oil-maker; it has changed from a desert land into a place where there is six-path expressways, towering high rises, and lavish green greens. It has additionally been accounted for to be the wealthiest state per head of populace, and the thought to be the business and visitor center of the Middle East. Additionally being the first in the area to allow the outside responsibility for domain, remote interest in into the nation has made it conceivable to make advancement tasks like the Palm Islands and Burj Khalifa.

Tourism is one of the significant regions where UAE is producing a great deal of income. The UAE is a part and partakes in numerous universal associations, e.g. the United Nations (UN), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and so on. Today the UAE is an in number, lively and cutting edge country that is interested on the planet.

PESTEL Analysis of UAE


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) comprises of seven free Emirates. On December 2, 1971 the late President, His Highness (H.H.) Sheik Zayed container Sultan Al Nahyan, brought together six Emirates into a league (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain, Fujairah and Ajman). The seventh Emirate, Ra’s Al-Khaimah, agreed to the new Federation the next year. In 2004, H.H. Sheik Khalifa container Zayed Al Nahyan got to be president and has subsequent to kept on endeavoring towards a yearning vision for the UAE. Each of the seven emirates is administered by a Sheik, who is the pioneer of the most effective tribe in the emirate. Each of the seven emirate rulers is an individual from the Supreme Council, which is the gathering that makes national approach. The pioneer of the biggest emirate, Abu Dhabi, serves as the President of the UAE, and the pioneer of the second biggest, Dubai, serves as Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE.

The U.A.E. has a special political framework in that it unites both customary and cutting edge structures that have empowered the nation to keep up awesome political soundness.


The UAE is rich in oil and gas assets, with the vast majority of the oil lying under Abu Dhabi and the greater part of the gas fields found seaward. Oil exchange represents around 25% of the Gross Domestic Product. The economy of the UAE has extended strongly over the previous decade, in spite of the fact that the overall monetary downturn of 2008 and mid 2009 has had a hosing impact. In any case, the UAE is positioned third on the planet regarding normal salary, after Luxembourg and Norway.

The UAE is as of now putting vigorously in its assembling area, especially in Abu Dhabi, because of the fall in oil costs throughout the second 50% of 2008. Another reason is that the still-solid monetary development in the UAE is expanding interest for completed items and materials. Abu Dhabi might want to be included in fulfilling those requests with a specific end goal to differentiate the economy. There are presently non-oil and gas mechanical activities in the UAE worth over $20 billion US, and they represent 290,000 employments.

In particular, the new monetary ventures are giving apparatus and devices to the development, shipbuilding, retail, power, and base divisions. Notwithstanding being an imperative supplier of vitality, the UAE is presently turning into an inexorably applicable buyer of vitality. The UAE will proceed with its long convention of dependable vitality stewardship as it creates and enhances its economy, quickens the advancement of extra hydrocarbon holds and adds to the improvement and usage of option vitality sources. It has now been a noteworthy zone for sightseers because of its lavishing inns and compelling shorelines.


Currency: Emirati dirham (Dh or AED)

Exchange rate: Emirati dirhams (AED) per US dollar – 3.673 (2012 est.)

Gross domestic product: $271.2 billion (2012 est.), $260.7 billion (2011 est.), $247.8 billion (2010 est.)

Inflation: 1.1% (2012 est.)

Development Rate– 4% (2012 est.)

Exports: $300.6 billion (2012 est.)

Commodities: raw petroleum 45%, regular gas, re-sends out, dried fish, dates

Accomplices: Japan 16.2%, India 13.5%, Iran 10.9%, South Korea 5.6%, Thailand 5.5%, Singapore 4.4% (2011)

Imports– $220.3 billion (2012 est.)

Commodities: apparatus and transport hardware, chemicals, nourishment

Accomplices: India 19.8%, China 13.7%, US 8.1%, Germany 4.6% (2011)

Business Infrastructure: Infrastructure in the UAE is to a great degree all around created after a time of fast advance that saw the development of private, tourism, modern and business offices on a monstrous scale. Foundation in training and human services, traveler offices, power and water era, information transfers, ports and air terminals keep on getting a noteworthy infusion of capital. New streets and scaffolds are being built and open transport frameworks introduced. Right now, UAE is contributing Dh213 billion (US58 billion) on streets and scaffolds alone, incorporating activities in progress and in the arranging stage.



Population– 5,314,317 (July 2012 est.)

Age groups– 0-14 years: 20.5% (male 557,603/female 532,303)

15-24 years: 14% (male 440,556/female 301,147)

25-54 years: 61.6% (male 2,497,606/female 774,318)

55-64 years: 3% (male 122,356/female 38,402)

65 years and over: 0.9% (male 31,942/female 18,084) (2012 est.)

Religions– Muslim (Islam – official) 96% (Shia 16%), other (includes Christian, Hindu) 4%

Languages– Arabic (official), Persian, English, Hindi, Urdu

Income level– The normal month to month family pay of UAE inhabitants is AED18248.60 as indicated by another review by the UAE Ministry of Economy.


Communication: UAE has a standout amongst the most developed telecom arranges on the planet. There are more than 6 million cellular telephone accounts, which is particularly momentous since the aggregate populace is a little more than 4 million. There are additionally 1.5 million landline supporters. While a living arrangement visa is needed for the establishment of a landline, cellular telephones with SIM cards are allowed paying little heed to residency.

The two information transfers partnerships in the UAE are Etisalat and Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), working under the exchange name “du.”

Etisalat held an imposing business model from 1976 to 2006. Around then Etisalat positioned as the 6th biggest partnership in the Middle East. Its administrations incorporate Internet get to, LAN and WAN systems, prepaid telephone administration, cell telephone administration, HQ TV, and nearby information transfers. It offers support for 3G applications and the Blackberry telephones and items.

E trade :The UAE eCommerce Summit is the first portion of another yearly occasion that tries to highlight the most recent developments in the eCommerce segment that are advancing a computerized economy in the UAE. The occasion will assemble government substances, eBusiness, eCommerce, eRetailers, eMarketers, SME and industry pioneers, specialists and business visionaries to talk about and highlight the most recent improvements and difficulties to eCommerce in the district.

Transport support- The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) manages transportation inside of the city of Dubai; U.A.E. Its mission is to remain a civil Traffic arrangement supplier. At first began as Dubai transport in 1998, the administration of Dubai redid the framework to bind together its administrations under the brand name “RTA” in 2006, to oblige the metro and different offices under one name. There is no rail organize in the UAE, yet Dubai has started development on a light rail arrange and has expanded its transport benefits lately to lighten movement clogging. In Dubai, the Metro has altered access to the city and environs, from Rashidiya, past the airplane terminal, to Jebel Ali. The metro runs pretty nearly like clockwork from 6 a.m. to midnight on Saturday through Thursday and 2 p.m. to midnight on Fridays. The timing of the last prepare fluctuates from station to station and ought to be checked before flight. There is a system of feeder transports in operation.

Financial transactions: The UAE’s managing an account area is satisfactorily resourced to manage worldwide and residential anxiety situations and has taken care of late worldwide monetary turmoil relatively well. Banks’ noteworthy capital ampleness levels, together with hearty provisioning strategies and acceptable gainfulness, it expressed, upgraded their ability to adapt to real difficulties. All significant Mastercards are accessible and acknowledged in the UAE and the most widely recognized are Visa and MasterCard. It is unprecedented for significant retail locations to offer Visas here so a great many people seek them at any of the real banks. The yearly expenses and premium rates are comparable in many banks, so a candidate regularly picks the bank in view of the undeniably focused bundles being offered, and additionally accommodation, for example, pace of administration, simplicity of installments and availability. Charge cards can likewise be utilized to withdraw money from ATMs, the breaking point for which relies on upon the kind of card one has, extending from 50 for every penny to 75 for each penny of the holder’s credit limit. Contingent upon the card sort, points of confinement are typically around two or over two times a candidate’s compensation. Expanding rivalry among banks has driven them to offer alluring bundles to browse.


Geography and Climate- UAE appreciates a blended primary land condition. UAE falls in a dry region stretching out from crosswise over Asia and North Africa, and it is additionally subject to the same local climatic conditions on the bank of the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. The nation experiences downpours shortage simply like alternate nations in the dry district. Similarly the measure of precipitation in the nation differs from year to year, as likewise the rate of its raining shifts starting with one locale then onto the next.


Federal Law- At present, the elected arrangement of government incorporates the Supreme Council, the Council of Ministers (Cabinet), a parliamentary body as the Federal National Council (FNC) and the Federal Supreme Court, which is illustrative of an autonomous legal. The Supreme Council chooses a president and VP from amongst them to serve for a renewable five-year term in office. As needs be, the Supreme Council re-chose President H.H. Sheik Khalifa container Zayed Al Nahyan for an additional five-year term in November 2009. The Supreme Council, including the leaders of the seven emirates, has both authoritative and official forces. It sanctions government laws and pronouncements, arrangements general arrangement, endorses the assignment of the executive and acknowledges his renunciation. It likewise eases him from his post upon the proposal of the president.

Judicial Branch– The legitimate arrangement of the UAE is taking into account a double arrangement of Sharia and common courts. The legalism freedom is ensured by the Constitution of the UAE, and it incorporates the Supreme Court and the Courts of First Instance. Judges are selected by the president.

Immigration Law– In UAE, the law administering movement is contained in The Federal Law No.6 of 1973. The general principle in regards to outside guests to the UAE is that all guests oblige visas separated from the individuals who are no travel – they are travelers who don’t leave the airplane terminal and natives of nations that have been exempted by the Government of UAE. Natives of such nations that have been exempted don’t a visa to enter UAE, yet get a guest’s visa at the port of passageway subsequent to paying the endorsed charges. This current guest’s visa is legitimate for 60 days and an expansion of the same can be petitioned.

Reserve Bank-The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates is the state foundation in charge of dealing with the money, financial strategy and managing an account regulation in the UAE. The Central Bank of the UAE has forces to issue and deal with the money; to guarantee the dependability of the cash; to deal with the UAE’s credit strategy; to create and direct the managing an account framework in the UAE; to go about as the Government’s investor; to give fiscal and budgetary backing to the Government; to deal with the UAE’s gold and coin stores; to go about as the bank of final resort to banks working in the UAE; and to speak to the UAE in universal establishments, for example, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Arab Monetary Fund.

Economic Law– Under United Arab Emirates (UAE) law, there are five sorts of business foundations appropriate to remote elements inspired by building up a formal vicinity in the UAE. An organization can make a lasting foundation, build up a branch office, make an element in a UAE free zone, make a common organization (as of now restricted to Sharjah and Dubai), or go into a business office assertion. The UAE Commercial Companies Law obliges that every organization set up in the UAE have one or more UAE national partner(s) who hold no less than 51% of the organization’s capital.

C. The Intended Business Venture

Name of the Organization- Car Utility

Description of the service- I am inventing an application in smartphones that would provide consumers to get a regular update about their cars. To create the app, I will register on App Inventor, taking permission from Google. Then, to connect the app with cars, I will register with all the car servicing outlets in UAE. This would allow the consumers to easily use the app by just entering information, such as, car model, mobile number and their car service company when using the app. The app would allow them to get notified on their mobiles when the car needs an upgrade or is facing some critical problem. Moreover, it would act as a reminder, thereby causing consumers to be aware in advance. The app would be named as ‘Go Car’

Reasons for selecting the business- This service is mainly targeted to those people who due to their busy schedule do not have the time or forget when they had last taken their car for service.

According to my pestle analysis of UAE, I would concentrate more on social, technological and legal factors.

Social- Social factors would contribute to my idea as it concentrates on the working people under the age of 18-64 years.

Technological- As Car Utility is creating an application in smartphones; the use of technology will be intensive. Smartphones that have ‘Play Store’ or ‘App Store’ can easily download the application and get benefitted from it.

Legal- My organization will be considering legal factors due to registration with car service outlets. In addition, to create ‘Go Car’, my organization will have to take legal authorization from Google.

The reasons for making such a business plan is due to the problems that working people face nowadays. As they engage in more activities, they tend to forget situations, such as when they need a car service. This business of creating an application will assist them, thereby making them at ease.

Logo of my organization


Vision of my organization

To develop and change into the most perceived, solid and regarded brand in the auto administration industry, offering creative arrangements, which exceed shopper desires.

Mission of my organization

We will give the administration and bolster important to maintain long haul development and consumer loyalty by giving less demanding access to the best quality engine administrations at moderate costs through our downloadable application. Besides, we will intend to convey quality, applicable data to our clients from our unlimited pool of database of auto administration suppliers.

Objectives of my organization

  • To be a client driven association, and consider this fundamental for our prosperity, by giving phenomenal administrations.
  • Be focused on being open, legit, reliable and conscious in our dealings with our purchasers. Likewise, to turn into the issue solver and opportunity inventor for all clients.
  • To always include esteem by enhancing the productivity and nature of our administration, and fortify the association with our suppliers and clients.
  • To turn into a free group by participating, being proactive and expert, and putting resources into our kin, innovation, quality, consistent learning and enhancement.

The Target market

The application is mainly designed for working people who barely have time to know when their car needs a service or any unexpected problem, such as oil change. This would include the age group from 18-64 years, making it 78.5% of UAE’s population. Not only will the application inform the consumers, but will also be a reminder until they go and check their car.

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