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How to Write a Narrative Essay

Everybody has a story to tell. Every single day, you may be conversing with family, friends, classmates, co-workers, or strangers, relaying stories and experiences. Given that kind of interaction, a narrative essay for college should be a breeze for you.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a good essay writer, getting into the theme and groove of the story will help you keep the words flowing – you might even have the problem of not wanting to edit anything out! Still need some tips to be able to craft the perfect narrative essay? Our guide will show you how!

What is a Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is an essay that tells a story from a defined perspective. It’s basically the very human interaction of recalling events and corresponding thoughts and emotions, so this concept is definitely not alien to you. What you want to do is effectively express this to your reader and become an essay writer who is easy to identify with. The best essays are the ones that stick to your audience – and is likely to translate into a great grade!

A narrative essay can be done by anyone, even a paper writing service can wrap up a good one for you. All you need is a good start and put some heart into the words you are writing.

Here are some of the specific qualities of a good essay. It is good to keep this in mind before, during and after the essay writing process.

  • Maintains a point of view throughout the entire essay. It can be tempting to reveal the many sides of a story by switching the perspective of the essay as the story goes on, but all of that might not fit in one essay! It’s important to relate how other parties also experience the story, but framing in one perspective makes you reach a more cohesive conclusion. This is one your reader will be able to appreciate.
  • Gives the reader a helpful background, but doesn’t give too many unnecessary details. Set up the story for your audience, don’t drown them in a laundry list of details that they don’t have to know. Cut the fat, but enhance the absolute important details.
  • The piece has a good flow, from beginning to end. A reader can pick up whether the story does not make sense. Make sure you have done a proper chronology of events or your wonderful tale will go down the drain! The correct sequence of events will help your audience understand what’s going on and will look forward to the conclusion you will set up.

How to Start a Narrative Essay

Have you experienced making up your mind and saying, “I’m ready to write my essay,” then suddenly becoming stuck in writer’s block? That’s a horrible experience to detangle yourself from, but there are some steps to take for you to break free of those chains.

Custom writings can be tricky, but following the right directions can take you from a blank page to a full custom essay. Here are some of the best tips to get a head start.

    1. Decide on a perspective to write from. Usually, this means from the first person, but this is not a strict rule. Go with what you are comfortable with using.
    1. Think about your personal realizations from your story. Take some time to rank important lessons in life that you have learned, and the accompanying memories – to be able to know which one you will write about.
    1. Retell your story to yourself in bullet points. Your memory could be hazy so put down your story in a brief sentence outline. Go over, again and again, so you don’t miss certain details that will lift your story!
    1. Add flavor to your main details by using style and language. This is where your writing experience, or help for a custom paper writing service will come in handy. Imagine your story as a movie and narrate it with the gusto and beauty it deserves!

A Narrative Essay Outline Format

Just like your regular kind of writing an assignment, this assignment just really boils down to three main parts. The narrative essay format is simple and straightforward, but you might want to show some effective style tricks of your own. Just make sure you have the following:

1. Introduction

There’s no need to go crazy over the details. There is no need for a full blown narrative essay introduction. Go with the facts that are most important. This could be the space to reveal your settings and characters, just so that your audience is not lost and is ready to hear the climax of your story with full information and attention.

2. Body

This part will cover the timeline of the story. Become the best writer you can be with colorful descriptions and exhilarating style. If you have your bullet point outline of your story, this should help you organize the events in the most effective way possible. Your task is to make the reader feel like they are in your shoes when you relay the events. Use the senses and collective memories with brevity.

3. Conclusion

After the climax of your story, it’s a good idea to debrief to your audience the thoughts you have on the event. This is the part that will resonate with you reader. Your realizations about yourself, and what has been changed about you due to these events or circumstances will be revealed to the audience. Your Introduction and Body should serve to support the Conclusion of your work fully.

Common Narrative Essay Topics

These storytelling assignments can be enjoyable to write and are a good bonus for extra points in class, and sometimes it can depend how in touch you are with the topic at hand. Before asking for essay help, maybe you would like to scour your memory bank and search for the following.

A life-changing experience. Have you been able to travel to another country? Are you currently pursuing a hobby that can make its ways into a career? Interesting aspects of a person are revealed through specific experiences like this, so if this is the kind of topic your teacher is looking for, it’s good to start with these moments in your life, no matter how young you are!

A historical moment. It can range from an important and nerve-wracking national election to something more mundane like the championship win of your favorite sports team. Telling others about your experience with these events will interest them in comparing their own version of the story with yours. If you are extra passionate about the topic, you may even enlighten others

A moving piece of art. It is highly likely that you have been emotionally affected by art, whether in the narrative format or otherwise. Glean inspiration from these sources and explore why they touched you by paralleling it with personal experiences. Whether a play, painting, or even a video game, if it made you realize something, it could be a good place to start.

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Personal Narrative Essays

The best kinds of stories to tell are those that you already own. Experience is one of the best inspirations, and that could make writing a personal narrative essay much easier or much harder.

Autobiographical narrative essays are good exercises to express yourself. Take this opportunity to write your heart’s desires about something you really wish to tell the world. Your stories and your beliefs will have a genuine conviction that will help your essay flow.

Be honest in your storytelling. You don’t need to make up things just to interest your reader. If the event is remarkable to you, your challenge is to translate that wonder into words for your audience. A good narrative essay is the truth, in what happened and in what you think, feel, and believe.

Reflect on the impact of these events in your life. The stories we are narrating when we are chatting with our friends are often taken for granted, but the proper amount of reflection, any tale is an essay waiting to be written. Think about your stories and remember how excited you were to tell a close friend or family member.

Enjoy yourself in the writing process! Pieces meant for storytelling are fun to read, so you should have fun with finding your voice in the story you are telling. Through the initial work and down to the editing portion of your project, be proud that you are using your voice to share your lessons learned.

Narrative essay sample on “A Fable by Mark Twain”

Don’t have enough time to write a full-fledged essay? Is the narrative essay rubric of your professor a bit too much to handle right now? If you are stuck at your bullet point outline, then you may be in need of a custom essay writing service. EssayService.com will help you create a great essay that will reach your audience and your class standards. Buy essay help that will boost your grades and your time.

Narrative essay help is on its way, as long as you heed our steps and tricks. The best essays are the ones that were fun to write and fun to read – so get cracking on your essay today!

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