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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

Often, students are asked to provide an explanation by way of writing how certain events or conditions are linked to the manifestation of other events or state. When writers argue that “one issue results into another,” she/he is making an argument that follows a cause and effect. This requires a precise definition of the perceived conditions and a subsequent clarification of how those conditions result in other conditions.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

Before writing a paper of this type, the student needs to develop a clear understanding of what precisely a cause and effect essay is. While a cause is “what makes something transpire,” an effect is what “happens because of the cause.” Therefore, a cause and effect article is one that concerns with the reason behind the occurrence of certain events and what transpires as an outcome. That is, this type of essay is a standard approach of bringing together and arguing ideas.

The Outline

cause and effect essay outline

Writing an excellent cause and effect essay is easier that it may appear. It tracks an outline that is very coherent, and once the writer generates the pattern, the paper can be finished within the least time possible. The essay will need to have an introduction that has the topics’ background, sets out the issues, and state out the article’s purpose, which in this case is the thesis/focus of the argument. Besides, it should have the body paragraphs that lay out the cause(s), effect(s) as outlined in the essay, as well as a description of the connotation of the how the cause relates to the effect. Finally, a conclusion that sums up the content presented, and possible effects on the reader. The following is a screenshot of a possible format for this type of essay.

Choose the Topic

When choosing a cause and effect topic for your paper, it is critical to settling on one that portrays a phenomenon, trend, or event having fairly apparent cause and effect. In other words, the topic should be that which permits the writer to demonstrate his lettering skills with ease, and consequently, acquire a merit grade. Here are a few of such topics.

  • The effects of domestic violence on adolescence,
  • Effects of environmental pollution,
  • Why some friendships end, and
  • Effects of divorce on children

Cause and Effect Essay Example

To develop a clear picture of a cause and effect essay example, refer to the screenshots incorporated below. Acknowledge that the screenshots are not organized in any order.

Cause and Effect essay Sample “Ways in Which VR Can Change Our Lives”

How to Write? Step-by-Step Guide

Upon selecting a suitable topic, the writer needs to start writing his/her cause and effect essay. However, to achieve that, he/she will need to follow three simple steps. Firstly, the student needs to illuminate the effects/results by constructing proper relations to the causes/reasons. It is at this step that the student’s breakthrough of the subject supports him/her. Secondly, the student must reduce and organize only the important points that he/she wishes to cover. It may involve narrowing down to a few topics as too many independent points may overcomplicate the whole thing for the readers/audiences. Finally, the writer now needs to organize the essay. It begins with developing a thesis statement stating the event to be explored in the paper. Besides, every paragraph should commence with a topic sentence exploring one aspect of cause and effect. Lastly, the student must then ensure that a conclusion that draws together his/her discussion is presented. Before considering the task accomplished, there is a need to proofread and revise the thesis, and any grammatical error if need be.


It is worth noting that a cause and effect essay is written with a key motive of explaining why things transpire and what appears to occur next. Therefore, when you settle for writing this category of the essay, you ought to clearly classify the connection between the reason and the upshot on the chosen topic. Moreover, establishing a linkage amid cause and effect, you must bring into being a thesis statement supporting your arguments.

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