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Evaluate whether globalisation must benefit everybody

Here is how I would set out an answer for this question:Define the term globalisation, and the word everybody (put it into economic terms, e.g. individuals, large/small firms, developed/developing countries)Choose one of the following above (e.g. large vs. small firms), and say how it benefits them and how it does not. e.g. Globalisation has enabled large firms to benefit from greater economies of scale. Due to globalisation, production is increasingly specialised; for example, the manufacture of a car has increasingly been split up into different countries so that different parts of the car are assembled in different countries. This process of increased specialisation and economies of scale have enabled lower average costs of production leading to lower prices for UK consumers. Multinational corporations have been able to dominate due to economies of scale, but this has led to big multinationals pushing out smaller independent retailers to the detriment of local firms. For example, the growth of coffee chains like Starbucks has made it more difficult for smaller independent coffee shops. But, others may say globalisation isn’t really to blame for the decline of small shops, it may be due to other factors like out of town shopping centres; also, small shops can still exist even with process of globalisation.As part of evaluation for any question, we can ‘question the question’. e.g. The word ‘must’ in this question, is wrongly used, as there is no economic theory that is one hundred percent beneficial for everyone. Globalisation can have a negative effect on less developed countries. Workers are low paid in these countries and exploited by large multinational corporations who wish to lower their labour costs in order to profit maximise. These workers are therefore not being paid enough to have an acceptable standard of living.

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