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Analysis of Globalisation’s Effect on China

Globalization”, a term developed for common usage in the 1980’s to represent the progressing motion or movement between nations, intellect and wisdom, trades and money across the continent that has led to growth of interdependent behavior among themselves, economically, politically, socially and culturally. Though when mentioning the word “Globalization”, it is usually recognized as being driven by a combination of economic and technological factor.

According to a paper written by Brandon Levy (2012), he explained that, “Globalization is the process of increased interconnectedness among countries. The prosperous economic development that is typically gained because of the increased interconnectedness among countries usually results in a better standard of living, and an overall improved quality of life. The successful economic development of a nation hinges on its ability to globalize. Given that the international integration of national economies has such a profound effect, globalization plays a central role in determining the future of the world.”

While globalization, to many, provides a sign of supremacy as having the key to make societies prosperous through trade, at the same time sharing their intelligence and education proficiency to people around the world, there are still numerous populations who perceives globalization as the root of the global problem where some who are well-off and educated are exploiting the needy through different means and tactics throwing more chaos into the situation as we know it, and also as a threat that accelerated modernization might eventually harm the conventional cultures they have practiced before globalization took over. So does globalization create a negative or positive impact on the world?

An example of world’s leaders believes that globalization and capitalism is the best cure for solving conflict. According to a speech by ex-leader of WTO, Pascal Lamy (2004), “For the fact is that globalization is currently a two sided coin: one bright, the other excessively dark. The bright side is important. Globalization can bring spectacular success – like the 200 million people lifted our of poverty in China since 1990, a single fact which alone makes it possible to envisage the Millennium Development Goal of halving world poverty. ” (P.1), He believes that globalization might have its dark side of the coin but through it, the conflict that comes together with globalization will be contained. He also concluded that the WTO and the Doha negotiations can be an effective tool in harnessing globalization in the interests of all, and combating thee darker side of the moon…

Another example, Robert E. Litan explained that, “In the end, we cannot avoid the challenge of globalization. Meeting it through unilateralism or one worldism is likely both to destabilize the world economy and slow improvements in living standards at home and abroad. Instead we should embrace the opportunities that globalization affords, ease the anxieties it generates, and reform and strengthen the international economic institutions created to promote both global economic stability and growth.”

The author of the article leans towards the idea of globalization with how it can be controlled and stabilized through work and an amount of time, with very little discontent for the matter.

The growing rivalry between China and Japan could serves as an example that globalization does indeed, do not help solve feuds between countries that are involved in economic globalization terms. Bitter history of the bloodthirsty invasion of China in 1937 by japan took place which only ended in year 1945, relation between either countries has not improved.

The famous incident that appeared on headlines stories over the claim of the Senkaku island (known as in japan) also called “Diaoyu Dao” (name in China) goes on to this day even with their economic terms, where both countries argues with their part of the stories for their right of ownership over the island located in the south China sea. Due to the fact that the island being near important shipping lanes offering rich fishing grounds and lies near potential oil and gas reserves, also located in a strategic position amid rising competition of the US and China for military domination in the Asia-Pacific region.

Against this background, a difference of opinion over five desolated islands and three barren rocks has become progressively provocative. China regards the “nationalization” of what it calls the Diaoyu islands by the Japanese in 2012 as a severe threat and will do everything that is necessary to defend its jurisdiction. Japan, meanwhile, which calls the territory the Senkaku islands, displaying its version of defense by broadening the area of patrol over the islands with countless warships and planes and plans to try to involve the participation of the US to their side against the matter.

With China growing in power and influence due to globalization, as like any other empire in the past, as its power grows, that power is ineluctably projected to surround immediate neighboring countries and, in time, geographical regions and even whole continents. With this imbalanced strength in the area of Asia, China’s growing eagerness to throw its weight around has put other neighboring countries on brink and triggered them to seek U.S. assistance, the only possible means that can keep China in-check as an equal or more.

Beginning from the year of 2010, China constantly fueled the concerns of its neighbors with unending, disturbing diplomatic and military moves, including their eye catching dispute currently still ongoing on the South China Sea, where it is believed that profitable resources are hidden but more importantly, the routes commercial ships passes through are located in the area. This region has sparked countless conflicts between countries nearby with different parts occupied by one another. Nonetheless, China claimed the largest portion over the South China Sea, an area that encircles the South China Sea district like a U-shaped section.

Through globalization, China has gained immense power through a period of time and is gradually getting carried away with its actions. In cases where if the U.S. is unable to provide assurance to China’s neighboring countries, situations may turn the other way round and most likely gone aggressive, which will in time become a reality if no further actions are taken. With this in mind, I do think that globalization has more negative effects than positive due to the amount of imbalance the world is facing at this point of time, where countries are flourishing in their wealth and others that couldn’t keep up the pace has fallen right to the bottom of the “food chain”.

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