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5 Lessons a Writer Should Learn from Cinematic Arts

Whatever you’re writing, perfection knows no limits. Such a pursuit does not require one to go far, just pay a visit to the local cinema. It always helps see and understand films as streamlined visual literature! They find a way to capture our attention and reveal the way an author feels and thinks about a particular subject. Thus, a writer should look to learn some tricks from the movie industry. Let’s grab a bowl of popcorn and watch some of them!

inforgraphics on creative writing lessons from cinema

1. Create vivid images

All of the brilliant films you love have their most memorable moments. The greatest directors use vivid imagery and create a picture moving in time combined with the sound. You’ll never forget Kevin’s scream after applying after-shave in Home Alone or shower murdering scene in Psycho. In academic paper writing, you’ll benefit from creating vivid images either.

Use associations to create the sense of participation for your reader. This process will always boost one’s imagination and improve their ability to share this vision. It will also make your narrative essay, short story or descriptive paper stand out to the audience.

2. Organize the narration

Each film has an introduction, the main body that leads to the moment of truth. Lastly, all this gets summarized by a conclusion highlighting the life lessons to be learned. Such a structure keeps the audience comfortably involved. The same concept applies when tackling creative paper writing.

Remember that too much exposition bores your reader. However, provide enough details to understand your key idea. This is the lesson to learn from films with dynamic narration rhythm and unexpected plot twists.

3. Make controversial statements

Another trick to catch your reader’s attention is to make disputable statements. The greatest directors are not afraid to be outrageous. A Clockwork Orange with highly-stylized violence brings out conflicting emotions. Still, it’s one of the most iconic films of all times.

The next time you write an argumentative paper or persuasive essay, don’t be afraid to make controversial statements! But remember that all of your arguments should be well-grounded.

4. Wit is always appropriate

Humour makes good films ingenious. Applying such an idea is not only limited to being used in sitcoms. Ridley Scott believes that humor is appropriate in any genre to help reach a broader audience.

Be careful with jokes in academic paper writing. You walk the fine line! But the light vein of humour will make your narrative or descriptive essay brilliant.

5. Write what you love

In the first place, be obsessed with the topic or quit it. Some of the best films ever were not box-office bomb – Citizen Kane or Blade Runner. One must pursue their vision even if nobody praised them at first.

In essay writing, be accurate and open-minded experimentalist true to your fundamental idea. May it bring you joy!

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